Lyne House Livery has a tight knit crew and there is always a feeling of teamwork and high spirits on the yard.

Lyne House Livery was set up by the Wilkes family in 2007, Shannon started as an employee in 2017 and took over the yard  to run as her own business in June 2019. 

Shannon Snow 

I’m a 21 year old show jumper based in Gloucestershire! I currently compete BSJA on two horses Ljungberg (18) and Sir Archie (7) whilst I also run a competition livery yard in Gloucester. Both horses have been competing at 1.05 level and just stepping up to newcomers, we had a few qualifications under our belts for this year at Bluechip and the spring championships which both unfortunately got cancelled, but on a positive we are hoping they get rescheduled for later in the year and these will be our goals! Both of them are always treated like kings and really are apart of the family! 

Tracy Gray 

A Level 2 affiliated BSJA  judge with 40 years + equestrian knowledge.

5+ years experience at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon whilst managing theirvisitors centre and the running's of the competition centre.   



Reliable & our saviour its never a hassle to come out any time to replace those annoying lost shoes the day of a competition.


TCEH - The brilliant vets at three counties are always eager to help

 JAMIE MARTIN - Dentist 


AMANDA POWELL - McTimoney Animal Chiropractor & Soft Tissue Specialist