7 Day Part Livery

£350 PCM

Payable in advance

  • Morning duties are carried out 7 days a week.
  • Horses are fed (feeds to be prepared by the owner and left ready), rugged & turned out in the morning, then mucked out, haynets/racks & water buckets filled
  • Evening duties are to be carried out by the owner between the hours 2:30-5 to ensure no horses are left out alone.
  • Feeds to be made by the owner
  • If the owner cannot make it up to bring in between these times we can bring in for a charge of £2
  • If the owner cannot make it up of an evening this can be done at a charge of £10, horses will be brought in, lightly groomed, feet picked out, rugged, fed and feeds made ready for the morning.
  • All year-round turnout (Day/Night depending on seasons)
  • Ad-lib hay/haylage included
  • 1 bag of bedding per week included
  • Inclusion in our worming programme, worm counts taken 4 x a year and wormed accordingly (charged at cost)
  • Use of all the facilities
  • Option to add extra morning or evening duties available.

Use of all the facilities 

*Please note if you are away for an extended period (more than 3 days) full livery charges will apply to ensure the welfare of your horse is catered for. This package is not available for holiday livery.*